Benefitmine Roadmap

Planning and Preparation
  • Conduct market research and analysis to identify target markets and competitors
  • Define the core features of the exchange, including trading pairs, order types, and security measures
  • Build a team with expertise in blockchain technology, trading, compliance, and marketing
  • Develop a detailed project plan and allocate resources
  • Establish partnerships with liquidity providers, payment processors, and custodians
  • Mint 1,000,000,000 BFM tokens and conduct an audit of the token to ensure its integrity
Platform Development
  • Build the exchange's infrastructure, including servers, APIs, and databases
  • Implement security measures, including two-factor authentication, SSL certificates, and encryption
  • Develop the user interface and experience, including trading charts, order books, and portfolio management tools
  • Integrate payment gateways and custodial wallets for seamless deposits and withdrawals
  • Test and optimize the platform's performance, including speed, scalability, and uptime
  • Launch CEX V1 and unveil CEX demo version (trade on live price with non-real assets)
  • Develop CEX share profit section and launch new BFM token website
Token Listing and Launch
  • Develop a token listing policy and procedure, including due diligence and fee structure
  • Launch a token offering platform for initial coin offerings (ICOs) and initial exchange offerings (IEOs)
  • Partner with reputable blockchain projects and assist with their token sales
  • Implement a voting system for token holders to determine new token listings
  • Launch a native exchange token to incentivize trading and reduce fees
  • Create BFM Airdrop website and unveil it
  • Build 1000 people Telegram channel, gain 1000 followers on Instagram page, and gain 1000 members in Discord server
  • Start professional advertising, build 10,000 people Telegram channel, gain 10,000 followers on Instagram page, and gain 10,000 members in Discord server
Expansion and Growth
  • Expand the exchange's trading pairs, including fiat currencies and stablecoins
  • Develop new features and products, such as margin trading, futures contracts, and lending/borrowing
  • Expand the exchange's presence in new markets through strategic partnerships and targeted marketing campaigns
  • Implement a referral program to attract new users and increase trading volumes
  • Continuously improve the platform's security and performance to maintain user trust and satisfaction
  • Withdraw Airdrop for whitelisted persons, freeze 50% token (500,000,000 BFM), start IDO (150,000,000 BFM), and burn 10% unfrozen token (50,000,000)
  • List token on popular CEX and in CMC, CoinGecko, etc.
  • Unveil share profit CEX real version (trade on live price with real assets)
Other Share Profit Ideas
  • Coming Soon
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Benefit Mine is the world’s first premium centralized share profit exchange company using the blockchain technology, supporting the blockchain through rapidly expanding benefit.